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hi, I'm sara b

First things first, I love to take pictures. Since you are here, I assume you are looking to have them taken. Perfect!

My relationship with the shutter button started over twelve years ago when my parents bought me my first real piece of photographic equipment, the Canon EOS Elan II, for my 19th birthday. At the time my relationship with my husband (that handsome fellow pictured) was just beginning as well. I fell hard and fast for the medium, and the man! There is something alluring about freezing a wink in time. I have been experimenting behind the lens ever since, seeking to capture life's candid and blissful moments so as not to be forgotten.

My camera has been a reliable companion as I have followed my husband around the country for the past 10 years. Salt Lake City, New Orleans, Nashville and Philadelphia have all been called home for a spell. Four kids and many adventures later I currently reside where I started, back in Salt Lake City. It feels good to be home.

I would love to help you capture a wink in time. Take a look around. If you like what you see, let's chat.

Thanks for stopping by.

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